We're Spark.

We provide a comprehensive solution for all of your technology requirements. Our dedication to understanding our client’s requirements is the essence of our approach. A Spark project is a shared vision, a shared journey and a destination we arrive at together.

We work with businesses to bring ideas to life through Applications and Systems – along with offering our knowledge as Official Apple Consultants and Microsoft Partners. Have a look at our work.

How can we help?

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what you need. And sometimes, it’s just hard to find somebody who understands you! That’s why we’re here. Whatever your project, Spark will help transform your vision into reality.

The experience and expertise of our team allows us to provide you with a tailored and bespoke service. Our products are designed to suit their purpose and most importantly, your needs. Along with our excellent design and development team, our client experience is enhanced by diligent and dedicated support, every step of the way.

We like to keep things simple. Get the low down on how we can help you.

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Communication is the key. Whether you would like a casual chat or a formal meeting, just let us know. Our team are warm, welcoming and always ready to receive. Get in touch.